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how do i save


suggestion: replace the fixed idle-gain of RESTING ACTIVITY with a percentual idle-gain.

EG: idleGain=activeGain*(RestingActivity/(1000+RestingActivity))*idleCap
This will converge around but never reach idleCap, preventing a situation where idle-gain exceeds active-gain from occurring.

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Game has great potential, but with large brain I have spot two problems:
1. Consider using decimals instead of float numbers. I have reached number of points like 12345.5999993.
2. With my large brain I sent 6 pulses and then is a large gap, because I reach max pulse limit. This is partly imbalance here.

Hope you will develop more of it!

I have also played for a long time (idling). I have reached a spot when the background calculations aren't fast enough to proceed the simulation. I have seen point moving and stopping, then after a while moving again. It isn't pretty. I guess that simulating the movement of points itself is not the best idea. My guess is that simulating whole system as one object would be better and can be optimized there.

Thank you for your comment.
I know this have many technical things to improve.
It's just in test here :)